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X-Ray Assessment

Things the office x-ray addresses/inspects for the customer:

  • An accounting of all discoverable IT assets and users
  • An overall view of the printing/copying environment
  • IT issues that affect productivity
  • Potential areas of weakness and risk
  • A deeper knowledge of your IT infrastructure
  • An understanding of the health of your IT
  • A comprehensive Network & Security Assessment

how it actually works:

  • An IT assessment tool collects system/inventory
    information (does not collect company or user data)
  • A print scan tool collects model information,
    odometer readings, and print quantity trends
  • While these tools are running a Solutions Architect
    will discuss your needs, pain points, and desired end
  • Physical inspection and review of the server room,
    network hardware, and printer/copiers
  • Novatech pores over the data to provide a detailed Executive Summary that covers:
    • An overall view of all the assets
    • Discovered risks
    • Potential benefits and cost savings
    • Full Findings & Recommendations